A Family of Artisans at Your Service

Decades of experience and professional services. Our passion today is still focused on the same original services provided by our uncle Giuseppe. We service, repair watches, we are expert gemologists, we work with and design unique fine jewelry that are one of a kind.

Luca & Roberto Luciani

Artisan Design by Luca Luciani


My work as a designer requires passion and dedication. I believe it is the only recipe for creating a most unique piece, that is exclusive and truly special. The winning ingredient is the personal and creative collaboration with each client, and the extensive knowledge I bring on the choice of materials, that will transform your ideas into a reality.

If you believe that mass-produced jewelry is not for you, and you desire a much more unique and original piece, than I highly recommend considering investing in a custom design made by expert artisans.

Let yourself get inspired by our creative process. Together we can collaborate and give life to a unique piece of jewelry that will always accompany you during the most memorable moment in life.

Roberto Luciani the Time Keeper


My passion for watches comes from my uncle Giuseppe Luciani who founded the family business back in 1966. I always knew I wanted to continue his legacy, so I decided to focus my studies on watchmaking at an academy located in the city of Rome. Through my studies, I’ve learned the golden rules of this ancient work, but most importantly, the importance of being able to provide dedicated customer service, to care for every single timepiece as my own.

Here in our workshop, we are aware that each watch that needs repair has special meaning for his owner. We know exactly its importance, and our objective always remains the same, to return each watch in the best possible conditions, and perfectly functional.

If your family watch is no longer functioning as it should, it would be a great honor to be able to bring it back to its old glory.


Passion & care are in the details



○ Consulting
○ Custom Design
○ 3D Model Realization
○ 3D Printing
○ Fusion
○ Processing
○ Polishing
○ Rhodium plating
○ Setting
○ Welding
○ Measurement
○ Incisions


○ Full Review
○ Charge Spring Replacement
○ Setting with Chronocomparator
○ Joints and Watertightness Testing
○ Trial on the Simulator
○ Polishing
○ Quadrant Reprint
○ Bracelet or Strap Replacement
○ Plexiglass or Glass Replacement