Dedication & Passion for Watches

I have been passionate about watches for as long as I remember. I focus on micromechanics and high precision mechanics, with manual and technical competencies. As an artisan, I also offer full restoring services for the most precious time keepers.

Roberto Luciani

Roberto Luciani


My passion for watches comes from my uncle Giuseppe Luciani who founded the family business back in 1966. I always knew I wanted to continue his legacy, so I decided to focus my studies on watchmaking at an academy located in the city of Rome. Through my studies, I’ve learned the golden rules of this ancient work, but most importantly, the importance of being able to provide dedicated customer service, to care for every single timepiece as my own.
After my studies, I was an apprentice at a prestigious watch workshop also in Rome. I owe my technical knowledge, professionalism, and competency, thanks to Master watchmaker Elio Petrucci. He taught me all the trade secrets of the job and the importance of such a role in our society.
Today I consider myself extremely satisfied with all the goals I’ve reached, even though I realize I still have a long journey ahead of me. I realize I will always be part of a continuous evolution, where I will never stop learning, and inspiring.
For any inquiries do not hesitate to contact me by sending me a message. It would be my great pleasure to be at your service.

Do your best if possible because it is always possible.

François Constantin



Full Revisions

The procedure of a full revision guarantees the proper functioning of all the movement parts.


Substitution of Mainspring

The mainspring in a watch produces the necessary power to make any mechanical watches function. It is essential to evaluate its conditions and substitute them when necessary.


Timegrapher Tuning

When we provide any support service we offer a Timegrapher tuning that is necessary to verify the proper functioning of a watch.

Water Resistance


The seal of a watch can deteriorate over time. For this reason, we also offer maintenance for substituting the seal that is hyperbaric chamber tested.


Case & Bracelet Polishing

To guarantee an aesthetic appearance without any imperfections, we also provide high-quality polish, along with a thorough cleaning.


Simulator Test

For automatic watches, we verify how efficient is the lasting of a charge through a simulator that imitates the same movements as when we wear a watch on our wrist.



Dial Reprint

Weathered dials can ruin the beauty of a watch. We offer a service to reprint the dial so as to bring back the watch to its original glory.


Strap and Bracelet Substitution

Placing a new strap or bracelet can always bring back a watch to life. Visit us in the store to see the variety of straps and bracelets. We will help you match the best option for your watch.


Plexiglass or Glass Substitution

We offer the substitution of the glass and plexiglass of any watch. This service not only enhances the aesthetic of your watch, but it also improves the impermeability of the case.

Movements and Gauges